3D Modelling and Arch Vis

1. House in Glengariff - 3D Architectural Visualisation
2. Chateau Maximin Part 1 - 3D Architectural Visualisation
3. Chateau Maximin Part 2 - 3D Lighting Visualisation

Websites and Web Development

1. Website - STG Gentec Landing Page
2. Website - AGGases Ltd
3. Website - Akiboye Conolly Architects
4. Mini Website - My Digital Card Art
5. Web Experiment - Responsive Design
6. Website - StG Gentec Range
7. Website - 2K Artist

NB:I have recently started my own business as a full time freelancer in web development, design and photography.
My new business is called OAC Designs and all my website projects are now migrating over to the Web Design portfolio there.